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Shore 2 Pouch Russian Reindeer Hide

Shore 2 Pouch Russian Reindeer Hide

Shore 2 Pouch

Hand cut and stitched from 235 year Russian Reindeer Hide recovered from the wreck of the Metta Cathalina 1786
Perfect for front and back pockets, this little pouch has been designed to hold your credit cards and notes .

Stitched with waxed natural linen.  See product info 

  • Reindeer hide recovered from the wreck of the Die Frau Meta Catharina von Flensburg 1786 On the night of the 10th of December 1786 the Dutch built cargo ship Metta Catharina took shelter in Plymouth Sound from gales in the English Channel. The south-westerly gale tore her from anchorage towards Drakes Island. It was a high spring tide she was thrown across the rocks toward the Cornish coast between Barn Pool and Wilderness-point where she sank in 30 meters of water and lay forgotten for over 200 years. All crew amazingly escaped. She was discovered by a team of divers in 1973, amongst the finds were the Russian Reindeer hide with its distinctive hash marks and finished with strong smelling birch oil, it was highly regarded and the time and even more so today. Tanners have not been able to replicate the process making this piece of leather truly unique. Rugged & robust my work is inspired by coastal living. It's your story, the more its used the better it will look.

    Measuring 9.5cm x 6.5cm 

    Leather centre divide   

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