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Another Shed Production

Making the most of the Coast and its contents!

A prolific maker and designer for over 30 years,Another Shed Production went live in March 2017.

I love to make functional products that we use ourselves and as we live so close to the sea it makes perfect sense to use the materials around us. I use "Treasure", shipwreck metal that we find under the sea and around our coast in South Devon. It may lay around for a while but i know it has the potential to be something special!


Given the nature of the materials, every item I make is totally unique and will have a story of how it came to be. 

My products are individually hand-crafted; I don't use power tools its just me in the forge and a few and traditional tools.   

Visit one of the wreck sites to find out more about the treasures! SS James Eagan Layne


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