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Rame Round

Rame Round

Individually forged buckle from shipwreck metal. Hand crafted British leather belt.

A made to measure peice of shipwreck history. With coloured saddled stitching.



  • Every part of the belt and buckle are hand made.

    Using wrought iron pins recovered from the wreck of the  SS James Eagan Layne. (click here for more info and to visit the wreck) Each pin is indvidually chosen for its character and forged to make a unique buckle.  70 plus years under the sea the pins take on an amazing patina. 

    Each belt is cut to fit the buckle  using 3.5mm- 4mm British waxed shoulder leather. The edges are hand finished  and saddled stitched with coloured waxed twine and the trade mark "X" keeper. 


    Your belt is made to measure to ensure a perfect fit  (see sizing guide). 


    There is an option for initials to be stamped inside eg Name & Name (maximun 6 letters per line)

    Each belt comes wrapped in its own bandana.


    To ensure your complete satisfaction you will be emailed a photo of the exact buckle for your approval prior to sizing and posting.


    Please note these are bespoke items and therefore not eligible for return or refund.  

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